WIAW #8 Clean eating

Peas and Crayons

Winter everyone seems to be talking about it. Love it or hate it happens. Personally I love winter BUT I do hate being cold. Therefore I’m a serial ‘layer-er’ – tights under jeans – a singlet, t-shirt, jumper, then a jacket and of course a beanie. Today i re-discovered the pleasure and warmth of snow socks – they’re just ‘cushion-ee’ and they fit your feet so nicely!

All the headlines in the magazines seem to be on the winter bandwagon also; ‘You’re all round winter guide’ or ‘How to prevent getting sick this season’. They tell us to move more, eat more veggies, reduce your intake of sugar and dairy (because it’s forms mucus) although research by the University of California at Davis, US, shows eating yoghurt triggers your body to produce up to four times as much of a key immune receptor. “Yoghurt with live cultures improves the health of your digestive tract, making your immune system more effective” researchers stated.

Basically winter I don’t do anything extreme to prevent myself from getting sick – no flu injections or anything. I eat clean most of the time so in winter I tend to rug up, eat lots of vegetables, drink ‘real’ hot chocolate and if i feel a sore throat coming along I drink copious amounts of hot water, ginger, lemon and manuka honey. So soothing!

What are your tips to prevent getting sick in winter or some home made remedies??

Here are my eats from today. Enjoy and I hope all is well.


My usual – homemade muesli soaked with water and kefir with berries


Fresh juice whilst shopping at the market – beetroot, carrot, celery and ginger


Favourite meal of the day – seaweed salad 6 fresh oysters that I topped with either tamari and ginger or hot sauce. All fresh from the vic market!


Grilled flathead tails with sweet potato with cinnamon, steamed kale with olive oil and garlic and some sauerkraut


Natural yoghurt with cinnamon and honey warmed up & some coconut water

Eat well & be well.

Sp x

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11 thoughts on “WIAW #8 Clean eating

  1. snow socks? what are those? I love knitting my own socks. That is always a winner. I want sauerkraut so bad lately! I’m going to have to get some when I’m home again.

  2. thefoodery says:

    Looks like you had a gourmet day! The juice sounds great, and what are “flathead tails?”

  3. Wish there was a place around here where you could get fresh juice like that…Yum…

  4. Yumm, your breakfast looks great! Warm tea is always a great remedy for staying warm.

  5. Mmm tasty looking breakfast if you ask me! And I wish there was a place that served juice like that around these parts.. I would get it quite often πŸ™‚

  6. teabagginit says:

    um, yeah, i want to come to the market with you! your meals look delicious!!!

  7. Yummmm, I love seaweed salad too. Looks great!

  8. The seaweed salad and oysters sound amazing! Everything looks quite yummy πŸ™‚

  9. Maria says:

    Cheers to the seaweed salad…looooove!!!

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