WIAW # 7

Peas and Crayons

What a week! Well I have had a great week since last WIAW. My good friends had their engagement party over the weekend and what a night it was. Obviously too much alcohol and terrible greasy food was consumed but what a great night of dancing, singing and catching up with friends. Below is a pic of me (centre) and a couple of girlfriends at the end of the night.


Since I don’t drink too much alcohol (this was the first time since Feb I think) I had a terrible, terrible hangover! I couldn’t even go to my usual Sunday bikram class and that is a first for me (I did make up for it on Monday though!). But I tell you what is an amazing hangover cure the Australian burger joint ‘Grill’d’. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of my ‘Simon Says’ burger but it go a little something like this – Sourdough bread, grilled chicken, avocado, grilled bacon, tomato salsa, lettuce, onion, tomato and because I’m very Australian of course I added on beetroot – OMG it was delish!

The rest of my hangover day was spent making nut butters! I made 3 lots – roasted almond, roasted cashew and peanut butter. I seriously am hooked. Last night after dinner I had some frozen bananas that I just kept dipping into the different butters – Don’t worry no one else in my family likes my ‘what the F are they’ butters so double dipping is allowed!

As my week has been quite hectic with working, studying etc I haven’t had much time to took or take pictures of what I’ve been eating. So here is some of the things I’ve been munching on this week.


Homemade muesli soaked over night with berries and kefir

Whenever I know i need a quick meal on the way home from the city I call veggie bar and pick up this little beauty on my way home. Always pleases – roast pumpkin, cherry tomatoes, green beans, lettuce, fetta, nuts and a sweet orange dressing. Umm Yes please!


Veggie bar macadamia salad – YUUUUM!

Friday I was in the city for a meeting so i quickly went down Degraves lane way (a must do when you come to Melbourne) to tofwd. I picked up which essentially is brown rice sushi but not sushi, if you get what i mean. I always get this there – Tuna nori roll with spinach and biodynamic brown rice. No avo or anything on here folks but the rice is like cooked or soaked in tamari at some stage and it is B.E.A-utiful!


TOFWD (the organic food and wine deli) brown rice tuna nori roll

Alas! A home cooked meal folks! I tried to replicate (semi replicate) one of my favourite salads from Cambridge cafe in Collingwood which I have previously posted about in WIAW. It was good, tasty – but I think I just enjoy going into the cafe to catch up with the lady because she’s so lovely!


chickpea and sweetpotato salad with spinach, roasted pumpkin seeds and a delish miso dressing

What is your favourite hangover cure or food?!

Hope you’ve been well & happy.

SP x

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13 thoughts on “WIAW #7

  1. Haha nut butter making sounds like a good hang over activity πŸ˜‰

    I know a lot of people crave greasy breakfast when they’re hungover, but I’m the opposite! It’s like my body knows it needs fruit!! I always crave smoothies!

    • By the time I surfaced aka rolled out of bed it was well and truly lunch time! Love a good banana smoothie though – I’ve been putting kefir in mine instead of yoghurt lately. Adds a good ‘zing’ to it

  2. Happy WIAW! Your chickpea and sweet potato salad looks good.

  3. I can relate to having a hectic week! All your eats look fantastic, especially the tuna nori roll! πŸ™‚

  4. The tuna brown rice roll looks amazing…just seeing the picture is making me crave sushi!

  5. Chelsea Eats Treats says:

    Wow check out that tuna wrap!! Yum!

  6. Yumm everything looks delicious! Especially that tuna roll! I have been craving sushi (and seaweed salad from sushi!) forever

  7. Lisa says:

    I just found your blog and I love it!! I was reading back through you posts and I know it was from more than a week ago but if you still need someone to do consultations I would definitely be willing and I am on summer break from my University so I am quite available! My e-mail is ausgusli@gmail.com

  8. Oh good god, hangovers are the worst. I am so sorry – but at least you had a fun night! That can make it worth it πŸ™‚
    For me, when I am hungover I cannot get full. So I try to load up on protein, veggies, and nutrient dense things. AND WATER LIKE ITS GOING OUT OF STYLE. And a good sweat sesh to get all the crap out!

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