WIAW #2 .. I’m back!

Long time between my last WIAW! Sorry folks.

I have been thinking lately though what is my relationship with food as the number of eating disorders is on the rise in Australia. Do I let food control my thoughts and things I do? After sitting back and thinking the answer is no. I love food, get real pleasure in eating clean foods that I know are nourishing me. Food doesn’t control my thoughts but I know it does for some people. When does our relationship with food start to deteriorate? When we’re kids we stop eating when we’re full and we don’t look at food as ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ Is it created by the media, friends, family? Most likely they all contribute but only because we allow them to. Then we let that voice in our head take control. The only thing however though we can do is choose how we react to these this voice and other people. Most of the time it’s not food that people have an issue with but there is a deep unmet need that they are suppressing and then using food as a method of control and suppression. I hope people can sit and reflect on their own relationship with food and it’s a positive one. if not, is there something you’re lacking in life? love, relationships or is life just a little uninspiring at the moment? Or how have you been able to improve your own relationship with food and lifestyle?

My eats!

Breakfast today was a bowl of porridge with banana and cinnamon mixed in with some chia seeds, coconut oil and flakes on top. Warmed me up on this cold Melbourne morning!


Lunch was a bowl of ‘la zuppa’ pumpkin soup with Kombucha


Snack – My favourite trail mix. I get this from my lovely Lebanese man who has an amazing shop of nuts, spices etc


Dinner – sweet potato topped with left over chicken casserole and some avocado. As the weather starts to cool down I really feel like ‘comfy’ foods. This went down a treat.


Hope you’ve all had a fantastic day.

Eat well and be well.


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