I’m Back..

I had just sat down and wrote a deep and meaningful post about this blog and and I am going to become a serial blogger now as I know I can help people. Whether it’s through their nutrition, their mind, a smile or just being a friend I want to nourish peoples lives so they can live joyfully. Then I accidentally deleted it!!

I will give you a brief run down as to what I said:

– Surround yourself with only positive people, your own mind included. We’ve all heard the quote ‘you are what you eat’ well you are also what you continually think about also.

– Only you have the control over your own life and what you do. A major aspect I have recently had to learn is choose how you react in certain situations.

and finally I left you with some recent goals I wrote of mine;

– blog more

– create a blog wellness empire

– get book published

– be a TV, media personality

– have a big list of health clients 

– encourage healthy lifestyles no deprivation, healthy healing foods

I hope you all become frequent readers of my blog and that I can help you in someway whether it’s only bringing a smile to your face or a few words or wisdom.

Be well, eat well AND be positive. Good things will happen 


sp x 



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