Vegie Bar

Vegie Bar

380 Brunswick st, Fitzroy


If you want a cheap meal that will definitely fill you up but also taste good you must go to Vegie bar. I have to admit I probably go to Vegie bar at least once a week. I love the food there – channai lentil curry, tofu wrap, stuffed mushroom and of late raw felafel salad and the raw living stack – all delicious. I am a no vegetarian and I have taken male friends there who seem to only think about steak and their next protein fix and they are pleasantly surprised how nice the food is there. There is however one glitch…when it gets quite busy, which is a lot of the time, especially nights, sometimes there can be a bit of a wait for meals but I believe the wait is worth it.


During the week however I went for lunch and ordered the little macadamia salad which is not so little and definitely fills you up for $8.50

The salad is full of mixed salad leaves, cherry tomatoes, green beans, fetta cheese, roast pumpkin and macadamia chunks in a sweet orange dressing.. Yum!

 This one is a favourite of mine especially on a hot day and I will be seeing it again next week!


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One thought on “Vegie Bar

  1. Ka Mun says:

    I love Vegie Bar- the Sha He Fen (flat rice noodles) with mushrooms is really good, and so is the chickpea dal 🙂 nice blog, by the way!

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