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What I ate Wednesday (WIAW) #1

Welcome to my first ever WIAW!

Prior to starting this blog I would often look over fellow bloggers WIAW’s for food inspiration on new meals that I can cook. Todays post will be quite brief as it has been a long day. I do hope however you do enjoy browsing over my newly established blog!


After my morning run I was in quite a rush to get my breakfast and lunch ready before heading off to work.


Breakky was the usual homemade muesli with cinnamon soaked in water and kefir then topped with half a punnet of strawberries washed down with white tea and lemon juice.



Homemade salad of crunchy cos lettuce, steamed beans, corn, tuna, avocado and toasted pumpkin seeds.


After finishing work today i quickly went to our local market and picked up some mussels. I have never cooked mussels in my life but if they’re on a menu I am sure to order them! 


To cook the mussels I first rinsed and de-bearded them. 

To a fry pan I added:            1/2 red onion

                                           1 clove of garlic

                                           chopped parsley

                                           1/2 jar of tomato passata

                                           Pinch of dried chilli, dried basil, salt and pepper to taste

                                           1 cup of water

I let this reduce slightly before gently puttting the mussels in the pot with the lid on for about 5 minutes to let them steam and open up. Plate up and top with fresh parsley – Voila!

What a success! These mussels were delicious and I can’t wait to cook them for friends and family!



Sitting down in front of the TV relaxing for the night I finish my day off with left over barambah natural yoghurt – so very creamy and oh so so good toped with coconut and washed down with a peppermint tea.

(For some reason I am unable to upload the picture – If I can figure it out I’ll definitely upload it!)


There we have to folks my first ever WIAW! Hope you enjoyed it.

Until next time, be well.




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Vegie Bar

Vegie Bar

380 Brunswick st, Fitzroy


If you want a cheap meal that will definitely fill you up but also taste good you must go to Vegie bar. I have to admit I probably go to Vegie bar at least once a week. I love the food there – channai lentil curry, tofu wrap, stuffed mushroom and of late raw felafel salad and the raw living stack – all delicious. I am a no vegetarian and I have taken male friends there who seem to only think about steak and their next protein fix and they are pleasantly surprised how nice the food is there. There is however one glitch…when it gets quite busy, which is a lot of the time, especially nights, sometimes there can be a bit of a wait for meals but I believe the wait is worth it.


During the week however I went for lunch and ordered the little macadamia salad which is not so little and definitely fills you up for $8.50

The salad is full of mixed salad leaves, cherry tomatoes, green beans, fetta cheese, roast pumpkin and macadamia chunks in a sweet orange dressing.. Yum!

 This one is a favourite of mine especially on a hot day and I will be seeing it again next week!


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Yesterday whilst browsing my facebook news feed one of the friends had posted this interesting article that was published in the U.K 

I found it quite an interesting read as a family member of mine (who I’ll call B) also works with people who are terminally ill and since working with them their outlook on life has completely changed. It is quite inspiring to see now how they live their life. There now is no nonsense, they have no time for people who are negative or for petty little things that seem to consume people lives now. They surround themselves by people who interest them and that they can actually learn something off, a notion that I now also appreciate. They now know what they want out of life and what makes them happy.

I often wonder and feel sorry for people who reflect on their lives and seem unfulfilled. What would they have done different? Do they have any regrets? 

I know I am often hesitant in somethings in life and that is often because of a fear – A fear of what might the consequences be? What will people think? What if I fail?

You have to do the things in life that make you happy, you have to have courage and surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you. Whenever I need a reinforcement to live life I phone my family member and talk about their day and it often brings a smile to my face and brings me back to living in the now. In reality that’s all we have. We never know what the day brings so when I wake up I often think “If this was my last day how would I want to live it?.. I know I would want to be happy, not let little things e.g. people cutting me off in traffic get to me, I would be nice to people and I would tell people how much they mean to me or give people complements I know that will make them happy.

People often have a fear of dying and don’t like to think of it in their future plans but as B has said to me, “People don’t start actually living their lives until they realise they are going to die.”

Make the most of your day amigos, don’t let fears hold you back from anything and I hope you able to reflect back and think ‘Yer I lived a good life.’

Currently I’m reading one of Lance Armstrong’s autobiographies and a quote I’ll leave you with is from Chris Carmichael directed towards Lance before winning his first tour of France when he was contemplating quitting cycling,  “I’ve never seen you afraid of anything, but if you ask me, you’re afraid of trying.”


Be well.





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Ahhh breakfast how I love thee. I am a terrible creature of habit especially when it comes to breakfast. Of late, which would be last couple of months, I’ve been nourishing myself with my home made muesli mix (oats, flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, goji berries) soaked with some water and cinnamon and mixed with either my favourite yoghurt (Barambah natural) or kefir. Summer is not only the time for cricket, tennis and Sunday sessions but also for berries! Mounting my beautiful muesli each morning depends on whether I’ve been to the strawberry farm around the corner from my house or fortunately for me my family owns a wholesale fruit and vegetable business so I often ask my Dad or brothers to bring me trays of blueberries or raspberries home.

Summer it’s this muesli mix, winter it’s usually porridge but I’m open to suggestions to what other breakfasts may be able to float my boat.

– sp


Hello world!

After discovering the world of blogging and stalking all of your blogs for a long time I have finally decided started my own blog. It was a goal of mine for 2012 and so this journey begins. It may be a bumpy road for a while here guys as I am not very good with technology but I will soon learn. Hopefully this page will be soon full of good food, thoughts and travels.


They say patience is a virtue, a highly deemed quality, but luckily for you and I this comes in peaks and troughs for me so hopefully this page will be up and running very soon.

Until then amigos, be well.

– sp